Angel City Singles

Hollywood, 1987. A couple meet in a stand-up comedy workshop. What more can possibly go wrong?

A Novel by Ralph Cissne

A Hollywood love story filled with suspense, passion and humor, Angel City Singles unfolds in the aftermath of the 1987 Black Monday economic crash as loner David Bishop struggles with the transcendent possibilities for love and understanding. 

What Readers Say About Best-Seller Angel City Singles:

"Set in a bygone Los Angeles so crisply detailed that its hip haunts and scenic paths often steal the show ..." —US Review of Books

“A truly satisfying read. One of the best ‘finding oneself’ books I have read.” —Cynthia, OKC

“The character development is great, the story unfolds in a crisp, well paced manner and I found myself rooting for David Bishop. The description of Southern California is perfect.” —Angela, Frisco

“Good love story. I would recommend this book to anyone, it's almost ‘La La Land’ in book form.”
Charles, Edmond

“… ambitiously endeavors to depict the power of art as an antidote to existential crisis …” —Kirkus Reviews

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