Angel City Singles


A couple meet in a stand-up comedy workshop.
What more can possibly go wrong?

Driven by a haunting childhood memory, loner David Bishop moves to Los Angeles in search of a
fresh start and meaningful employment. The ensuing 1987 Black Monday economic crash forces
David into a conflicted part-time job as a host for singles networking parties. “There’s no middle
ground,” comedian Rocco Manelli warns. “Here it’s either old money, new money or no money.”

Motivated by his attraction to enigmatic singer Sarah Fleming and mounting financial pressure,
David negotiates the humorous challenges of standup comedy, a poetic Bohemian subculture,
and the forbidding backstreets of Hollywood. Angel City Singles is filled with suspense, passion
and humor as David struggles with the transcendent possibilities for love and understanding.


“Set in a bygone Los Angeles so crisply detailed that its hip haunts and scenic paths often steal the show …” —US Review of Books

“… ambitiously endeavors to depict the power of art as an antidote to existential crisis …” —Kirkus Reviews

Don’t Be Shy

Claim to Fame

A Story of New Hollywood

Everyone holds the secret desire to be famous, right? In Hollywood your body is your business, your ticket to fame, but you have to want it. Personal trainer to the stars Sid Sherwood is passionate about helping people reach their goals.

The aspirations of two quirky new clients, the fresh-faced starlet Jules Marlow and fallen star Clay Harmon, challenge Sid’s disciplined approach. “If you make a living selling yourself in Hollywood,” Sid confesses. “You’ve earned the right to be eccentric.”

As the story unfolds, the generation gap between new and old Hollywood converges to blur the lines of Sid’s professional boundaries in amusing and surprising ways.

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Will of Golf

Mastering the Mind-Body Connection

Take your game to the next level with Will of Golf: Mastering the Mind-Body Connection, an evolutionary new approach to golf conditioning, combining classic yoga postures and breath work with definitive manifesting and visualization techniques. These 9 essential lessons improve flexibility and range of motion while transforming the golfer’s ability to focus and create great shots at will. Listening to the Om (bilateral alignment) compact disc, included with the program, provides a profound sense of relaxation and inner peace.

What you will learn:

* Flexibility: increase your range of motion and power.
* Balance: use breath to relax and complete each swing.
* Focus: transform your attitude into strategic thinking.
* Results: create, at will, the shots you choose.

Complete participation in the Will of Golf process can take you anywhere you want to go.

Playbook/CD Set
Playbook: 9 lessons, 86 pages
Om CD: 3 tracks, 60 minutes