A new friend confides, “I have always been a seeker.” I smile – a fructose-free crack in my stoic demeanor – to acknowledge the quest for meaning, the hero/heroine journey archetype and our inherent longing for a complete awakening in some exotic sanctuary. I understand the desire for love, to share a sense of spiritual transcendence and to simply be heard.

“The courage of unconditional love is the true nature of the human spirit.” The opening sentence of my poem The Princess of God inspired by a heroine who rushed to save her family in the clutch of a natural disaster. In moments of great clarity our purpose is unwavering. We know a truth beyond what is reasonable, a love of creation that illuminates and exceeds our expectation. On purpose, we do not seek. We manifest.

In my yoga practice, and even in my dreams, I often disappear into a sudden wave of meditative experience. Amused, I take flight and am on my way home. Moments pass as seasons. Imagination and the collective consciousness join in a joyful dance through my inner hall of mirrors. I have learned to let go, to make love my life. Riding waves of sweet anticipation, spirit bathed in reflex blue-white light, the realization I have come to know is the experience of a love that is ours to share, even if only with our selves.
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