Author, Creative Strategist

“I don’t believe in love,” a man said. I did not comment. There is always more to the story. In my experience, love is the creative force that drives a purposeful and satisfying life. Satisfaction is a low bar, an achievable state where we may manifest whatever we choose. Belief is unnecessary. We are love. To deny love is to deny our selves. Cynics and those most deeply wounded say they don’t believe in love when bitterness or depression has overwhelmed their power to create. And to forgive.

My mentor Frank Natale created Results: The Willingness to Create in the early 80s, the program I edited and published a few years ago. “Your old beliefs will crumble and your limitations will dissolve,” he wrote. “Most paths of self-correction purposely increase the effort and struggle to achieve these states or vibrations. They insist that you must ‘earn it’ or ‘handle it’ when the truth is you already have immediate access to all of it.”

What is the secret? Why do some create results easily while others resist? The difference is clarity and commitment. Our reality is a choice that requires intentional practice. My creative friends appreciate the awareness of dancing on the serrated edge of singularity understanding the mind can only hold one thought at a time. What are the thoughts we choose? In yoga we practice opening and closing, breathing in and breathing out. We take in what we need and release the rest. That is the clearing.

In a recent strength training study two groups worked with weights. One group focused solely on the mechanical process. A second group used the same process but, with each repetition, focused on visualizing their muscles growing larger. Both groups achieved results, however, the group that visualized achieved 20% greater results. What we think we create. We either become clear or remain confused. We either remain cynical or embrace the ultimate creative force, the healing vibration of love.